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GOMBEY HOUSE, represents a group of producers, writers, directors, actors, and overall artists focused on creative expression, communal support, and holistic wellness. Grounded in various creative arts therapies, our mission is to diversify the intersections of creativity, mental health and social justice. 

Find out more about Bermuda's  cultural symbol of the Gombey here.

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An Interview with one of our Founders



Graduate of Spelman College and New York University, Tannock represents one of the founding members of the GOMBEY HOUSE   collective.

"Growing up in Bermuda, I loved the Gombeys and in many ways they became my first introduction to Drama Therapy. Representing the intersections between society, creativity and mental health, I began to develop the idea of a creative collective/production studio, not only to localize arts in Bermuda, but to diversify how we use creativity in mental health and in social justice".

Tannock explains further that; the collectives' idea began to expand beyond the endeavor towards creative arts therapies, which use creativity within mental health practices. Towards looking even further into the psychology of audiences, actors and storytellers to both promote create engaging stories and provide therapeutic and theatrical tools for communities. 

"In many of our societies we have relied on and revered oral tradition and art, not only as devices of healing and teaching but as methods within which personal and communal identities can be explored. This collective is dedicated to that enterprise. Not solely in the provision of mental health services, but in a targeted address of creating & supporting more artistic endeavors in the community, and using creativity to address societal change".

Whats the goal? I asked Tannock. She laughed and then paused for a moment. 

"Not the goal my guy, the goal gives the illusion that we are playing a game. In competition. Playing to win. The mission, well... the mission is to change how we play the game entirely. 


"All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts."

- As You Like It by William Shakespeare

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