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Whether its in New York or in Bermuda, our 24/7 care services are targeted towards creatively, educationally and mentally supporting all individuals aged 2- 18 years old. At A.C.T we recognize the intersectionality of each individual and are determined to cultivate relationships that use an interdisciplinary approach to address all needs and wants. 

In group settings, we are able to work with 1-10* kids at a time, just give us a call/email and let us know what you're looking for.

*special rates apply for parties


We have a great range of indoor and outdoor activities for kids aged 2-4 years old. Within this age group, color, sound and movement are fundamental!

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S.A.T Prep

Get great S.A.T prep from individuals who  excelled at their exams. After one consultation we can set you up with a tutor unique to your kid's needs and accommodating to their wants.

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We engage our 5- 9 year olds with age appropriate indoor games, beginner's homework help, arts and crafts and a wide array of outdoor adventures such as; swimming and bike riding .

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G.C.S.E season can be difficult for any teen, we offer GCSE tutoring from trainers who scored A*-B ranges in their courses! Email us to find out more about the subjects we cater to.

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Middle School

Middle School is a great time to begin to craft the skills, hobbies and passions of your 11-15 year old. We offer tutoring, school pick up, and a wide array of skilled play opportunities such as; dance, drama, art and music lessons. 

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I.B. Prep

The International Baccalaureate Diploma and Certificate is only offered at 2 schools in Bermuda, making tutors in short supply. At A.C.T we offer I.B help in all I.B Subjects including C.A.S hours, Extended Essay, and Theory of Knowledge guidance. Email us to find out more about the subjects we cater to.

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High School

Highschool can be a difficult time for any 15-18 year old due to school changes and adjustments as well as personal developments. That's why we offer tutoring and homework help as well as Resume, Cover Letter and Scholarship help also!

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Adjusting to a new school life, whether that be abroad or on island can be difficult. Here at A.C.T we have skill services in: essay writing for specific higher level subjects as well as tips for networking and working with teachers. 

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