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Newsletter #10:
All Jokes Aside as Tannock talks Mocktails this Summer

May 20th 2023

Although we have a range of Gombeys working with us, we want to make sure that you have a face to talk to!


Gombey Light, held us down beautifully for Spring '23 but as per usual with a new quarter, comes a refreshing Creative Director. As we celebrate Light's acceptance to Carnegie Mellon University for Lighting Design, and her phenomenal invitation to support Essence festival as a lighting designer, we also welcome back a familiar face as Creative Director this season, our very own Treasure T. 

Returning from New York, where Treas worked for New York University's Production Lab, off-broadway sensation Collidescope Reperetory Theatre Company, Riker's Island Correctional Facillity and TheatreWorks USA - we proudly welcome back one of our Founders, to steer the ship this summer as she & the team produce an intoxicating rendition of 'LORD OF THE FLIES' in Bermuda, August 2023. 

We've updated the website with all the correct contacts, so please make sure to reach out to Treasure T for any of your GombeyHouse needs this summer as she lead navigates one of our biggest enterprises yet! Theatre and music classes will also be resuming on a 1-on-1 basis for the summer season, alongside creative arts therapy consultation services available for clinical practices on island.  

Don't forget alongside, Bermuda, New York, and Atlanta, Treas has also made home in Denmark & India and would be happy to discuss any possible opportunities for collaboration with us in a way that can also support you, your community, or your business. We are in this community together! Let us know if you need anything, as usual you are nothing but a phone call away!

Welcome Home.

- Creative Intern #3

(I chose this pen name I promise)

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